Size Matters

go smaller.

fine-tune your small language models with ease.

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Train models with one line of code 🧑💻

... or more, if you would like that. We are open-source, so you  have the control.


Cheaper to train


Faster to run


Models trained


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Save 🕒 & 💰
build better models.

Synthetic data generation 📊
Distributed GPU training⚡
Parallel fine-tuning 🔧
Open source & fully secure 🔐

If you do not have all the labeled documents you need, we have you covered.

Distributed GPU processing means faster training. Faster training means less time spent on the server & you know that means we are cheaper by default.

We were sick & tired of fine-tuning one model at a time - and we bet you are too...

Working with proprietary data? We were too and this is why we  built Simplifine. Don't listen to us, check our code yourself!

'Simplifine'-tune your own model. Now.

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